Virtual Wave Research Lab
Click for a preview of the Virtual Wave Research Lab
Click for a preview of the Virtual Wave Research Lab

Fly over of the large wave flume - [QuickTime]
Fly over of the spiral wave basin - [QuickTime]
Fly over of the tsunami basin - [QuickTime]
Example of sensor manipulation - [QuickTime]
Walk through of the control room - [QuickTime]

The Virtual Wave Research Lab is a Java applet that gives users the ability to explore a "virtual" version of the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Lab at Oregon State University, home of the Tsunami Research Facility. It was created during construction of the Facility's IT infrastructure.

The Virtual Wave Research Lab
Latest Stable Version (Requires Java3D)
Latest Trial Version (Development Mode)

Additional Information
Description of Controls
How to Record a Demo in Developer Mode
How to Create a Map
Java3D Specs on .OBJ File Support

The Java web-browser plugin
The Java3D plugin
(The OpenGL version is recommended)

Reference Information
Java3D's specs for the Wavefront OBJ format
The Java3D API
The Java3D API v1.3 documentation

This project was created by Chris Moore, undergraduate student; Ron Metoyer, assistant professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Tim Holt, researcher at NACSE; and Joe Tiebel, undergraduate student at the Oregon Institute of Technology.

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