Data Anywhere Projects

Access to data is critical for most science and engineering research. When information is needed, however, the researcher may not be in a office or lab with easy computer access. This is especially true for scientists who work in field locations. How can a field scientist get access to the data, regardless of where he/she is?

Digital Field Guides

Printed field guides have been the standard for most aspects of the natural environment. In addition to the problem of bulk, printed guides become out of date quickly. What researchers needs is an "up to the minute" field guide, preferibly one they can add their own notes to.

NACSE has developed a Digital Field Guide that provides access to five distinct databases, each focusing on a different type of field information for biologists. This allows scientists to get information on many different species through one interface. They can download the data into ‘binders’ and store them on their laptop for trips into the field.

Herbarium Information

NACSE also partners with various plant collections around the state of Oregon, helping to make their information accessible via the web. We currently support the following collections: