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Tsunami,Killer Wave!

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Tsunami is the most destructive wave in the ocean. It speeds across the sea as fast as a jet airplane and may grow more than 100 feet tall and flatten whole villages.
Tsunamis are water waves generated by the disturbance associated with seismic activity, explosive volcanism, a submarine landslide, a meteorite impact with the ocean, or in some cases meteorological phenomena. A tsunami represents a vast volume of seawater in motion, the source of its destructive power. These waves can be generated in oceans, bays, lakes or reservoirs. Tsunami is a japanese word that means “harbor wave”.
Represented by two characters, the top character, “tsun”, means harbor, while the bottom character “ami” means wave, because such waves often develop as resonant phenomena in harbors after offshore earthquakes.
A tsunami can race across the ocean at 500 miles an hour. Often before a tsunami hits, there is a giant vacuum effect, and water is sucked from harbors and beaches. When the first wave hits land, the water level drops drastically. Usually another wave blasts ashore about 15 minutes later, then another and another, for two hours or more.
Tsunamis have killed more than 50,000 people and are responsible for several hundred million dollars in property damage in the past century. This awesome monster cannot be diminished but we can learn when it's coming and escape the sea monster's fury.

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