Site Testing and Maintenance

Browsers are notoriously inconsistent about how they display even the simplest HTML documents. Regular testing and maintenance are necessary to ensure that your users can see what you intended.

Initial Testing

To ensure the quality of your pages, test your design and each new page:

Ongoing Maintenance

Since Web pages tend to change over time, it is also important to perform regular maintenance activities. At least once a month, you should verify that all links are still active. Most Web servers provide utilities for doing this; alternatively, you can download a separate link-checking program. Repair all broken links immediately, as users tend to leave websites once a couple of links have failed.

Whenever you modify a webpage, double check that its links are working properly. Manually check each link appearing on the page to ensure that it leads to the proper location. In addition, test at least one link in to this webpage from elsewhere on the site to ensure that the filename has been spelled correctly and that the file permissions allow users to access it.