NACSE Faculty Associates

Although we develop tools and technology, NACSE revolves around people and how they use tools, data, and technology to become more productive.

Our Faculty Associates are key in adding diversity, breadth, and depth of knowledge to NACSE endeavors. They are a key resource on NACSE project project teams, working closely with our Research Staff.

Name Department
Bailey, Mike Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Coop, Len Entomology (IPPC)
Fern, Xiaoli Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Fuentes, Claudio Statistics
Gregory, Stan Fisheries & Wildlife
Hannaway, David Crop & Soil Science
Harmon, Mark Forest Ecosystems & Society
Harper, Stacey Environmental & Molecular Toxicology
Henshaw, Don Forestry Sciences Lab (Spatial Data Management Group)
Jepson, Paul Environmental & Molecular Toxicology (IPPC)
Jones, Julia Geosciences
Kennedy, Adam Forest Ecosystems & Society
Nolin, Anne Geosciences
Remillard, Suzanne Forest Ecosystems & Society
Restrepo, Juan Mathematics
Ruup, David Marine Resources
Tadepalli, Prasad Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Tilt, Bryan Anthropology
Valentine, Theresa Forestry Sciences Lab (Spatial Data Management Group)
Wolf, Aaron Geosciences
Wu, Junie Applied Economics
Yeh, Harry Civil & Construction Engineering