The Tsunami Research Facility is part of the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory, located on the Oregon State University campus. It is one of the largest and most sophisticated laboratories for education, research, and testing in coastal, ocean and related areas.

Safety at the NEES Tsunami Research Facility [pdf]

Tsunami Wave Basin

Brochure [pdf]
Survey of basin floor

Length: 48.8m
Width: 26.5 m wide
Depth: 1.5m
Freeboard: 0.6 m
   Multidirectional with 29 boards, 2.0m high
   Wave types: regular, irregular, tsunami,
       multidirectional, user-defined
   Period range: 0.5-10 sec
   Max Stroke: 2.1m
   Max Velocity: 2.0 m/s
   Active wave absorption

Large Wave Flume

New piston wavemaker
Brochure [pdf]

Length: 104 m
Width: 3.7 m
Depth: 4.6 m
   Piston-type waveboard
   Wave types: regular, irregular, tsunami,
   Period range: 0.5-10 sec
   Max stroke: 4 m
   Max velocity: 4 m/s
   Active wave absorption

Supporting Infrastructure

  • Control Room for on-site researchers
  • In the Tsunami Wave Basin:
         7.5 ton gantry crane
         Instrumentation carriage spanning the width
         Unistrut in floors and sidewalls
         Two 14-ft access ramps
  • In the Large Wave Flume
         Powered carriage with full traverse for instrumentation
         Tow speed 0 - 0.5 m/s


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