NACSE Robotics Program

NACSE has partnered with Oregon State University Outreach and community organizations in order to bring the excitement of robotics to rural middle-school students. We currently partner with three organizations.

SMILE Robotics

The thirteen SMILE (Science & Math Investigative Learning Experience) middle schools participated in a robotics challenge during the 2005-2006 school year. In September, each school received six LEGO Team Challenge Sets. The teachers attended a half-day workshop at Oregon State University to learn about robotics. A follow-up workshop in February allowed the teachers to share their experiences and ideas. The year culiminated in a spring Robotics Showcase, also at the University, where students and teachers showed off their work.

4H Robotics

The 4H robotics program begins in the summer of 2006. We will be hosting a series of robotics workshops at the 4H summer camp and at their state meeting, which will take place at Oregon State University. Materials developed for these events will be available at this website.

Corvallis Boys and Girls Club Robotics

We are just beginning a new partnership with the Corvallis Boys and Girls Club. Together, we will study how children use and learn about robotics in an unstructured environment. We will also institute a peer-teaching model at the club.